Dr Marc Mulholland


I would like to hear from potential DPhil students or any potential Masters students looking at modern Irish history of socialism

I currently teach:


FHS Masters
History of the British Isles VI Disciplines Crisis of Union 
History of the British Isles VII Special Subject: Northern Ireland  
Historiography Further Subject: Ireland  
General History IV History of the British Isles: The Victorian Age  
Optional Subject: Rise and Crisis of European Socialisms History of the British Isles: The Multi-Cultural Islands   
Optional Subkect: British Radicalism General History: The European Twentieth Century  


  • Northern Ireland and the Far Left, c. 1965 – 1975

  • The Murderer of Warren Street The True Story of a Nineteenth-Century Revolutionary

  • How it Began, what might have been? Political Memoirs of Northern Ireland in the 1960s

  • Irish Labour and the 'Cooperative Commonwealth' in the era of the Great War

  • Land War Homicides