Dr John-Paul A. Ghobrial

I would like to hear from potential DPhil students or any potential Masters students looking at topics related to my research or early modern global history more generally.                   

I currently teach:


FHS Masters


General History VIII, IX, XVIII

Selfhood in History for the MBEH

General History III

Further Subject on The Middle East in the Age of Empire

Dawn of the Global World for the MBEH

Conquest & Colonisation



  • On the Road to Carlowitz: Visions of Ottoman Diplomacy in the Letters of Thomas Coke, 1691-1694

  • Introduction: Seeing the World like a Microhistorian

  • Moving Stories and What They Tell Us: Early Modern Mobility between Microhistory and Global History

  • Christian Materiality between East and West: Notes of a Capuchin among the Christians of the Ottoman Empire

  • Migration from Within and Without: In the Footsteps of Eastern Christians in the Early Modern World