Dr Jennifer Altehenger


I would like to hear from potential DPhil and Masters Students regarding the history of twentieth-century China, modern Chinese legal history, history of the People's Republic of China, comparative and transnational history of state socialism, history of materiality

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Approaches to History

China since 1900 History and Historiography of China


Disciplines of History  
  Imperial and Clobal History, 1730-1950  
  The Global Twenieth Century, 1930-2003  




  • Dictionaries After 1949

  • The Mao Era in Objects

  • "Chairs and Stools", Chapter contributed to "The Mao Era in Objects"

  • Industrial and Chinese: Exhibiting Mao’s China at the Leipzig Trade Fairs

  • Sozialistische Möbelkultur: Das Pekinger Sägewerk und die Ausstellung zur umfassenden Holzverabeitung, 1959