Dr Ine Jacobs


Current DPhil Students

  • Miranda Gronow - Living in the ruins: Geyre and the archaeology of memory  
  • Jelena Jaric - Warfare and Urban Transformation in the Late Antique Central Balkans (late 3rd - early 7th c. AD)
  • Shandra Laumate - The Kelsey Pendant. Amuletic Traditions in Early Byzantium 
  • Lily Liu - Brick Tombs in the Sichuan Basin during the Eastern Han Period (25-220AD): Regional Identity and Cultural Fusion
  • Kelly McClinton - Elite Identity in Domestic Space in Rome. Architectural Change and Redecoration in Late Antique Houses
  • Grace Stafford - Artistic representations of women in late antiquity, 4th - 7th centuries AD
  • Katerina Vavaliou - The network of fortified settlements of eastern Central Greece from the late 6th c to the 13th c AD


I would like to hear from potential DPhil students regarding:

  • Late Antique archaeology and architecture
  • Archaeology of Religion
  • Popular culture
  • Dark Age Asia Minor