Dr Ine Jacobs

  • Late Antique archaeology and architecture
  • Archaeology of Christianity
  • Popular culture
  • Dark Age Asia Minor

My research focusses on the development of the Eastern Mediterranean in late antique and Byzantine times. Because I am an archaeologist, I mainly deal with material evidence, but I am particularly interested in how this relates to and can (not) be combined with contemporary literary sources. My DPhil looked into the how and why of late antique and Early Byzantine urban development and representation. In a first postdoctoral fellowship I investigated the reciprocal relations between the drastic political and religious changes taking place in the Theodosian period on the one hand and the economic developments and general prosperity in the eastern Mediterranean on the other. Since then I have been focussing ever more on the influence of Christianity on contemporary society. I am examining how the augmenting power of bishops over their congregations is expressed in the urban fabric as well as how ordinary people experienced their Christianity.

I was a member of the Sagalassos team (Turkey) between 2003 and 2014 and director of the British Archaeological Project at Grumentum (Italy) between 2012 and 2015. Currently, I participate in the excavations at Aphrodisias (Turkey) and co-direct the Kostoperska Karpa Regional Archaeological Project (FYROM).


  • Asia Minor in the Long Sixth Century:

  • Chapter 1. Introduction

  • Chapter 3. Pagan-mythological statuary in sixth-century Asia Minor

  • Cross Graffiti as Physical Means to Christianize the Classical City: An Exploration of Their Function, Meaning, Topographical, and Socio-Historical Contexts

  • Re-using the gods. A 6th-c. statuary display at Sagalassos and a re-evaluation of pagan-mythological statuary in Early Byzantine civic space

  • Old Habits Die Hard. A group of mythological statuettes from Sagalassos and the afterlife of sculpture in Asia Minor

  • Ecclesiastical Dominance and Urban Setting. Colonnaded streets as back-drop for Christian display

  • Five centuries of glory. The Colonnaded Street of Sagalassos in the first and the sixth century AD

  • Production and Prosperity in the Theodosian Period

  • Sagalassos in the Theodosian Period

  • More

Current DPhil Students

  • Kristina Terpoy
  • Hugh Jeffery
  • Jelena Jaric

I would be willing to hear from potential DPhil students regarding:

  • Late Antique archaeology and architecture
  • Archaeology of Christianity
  • Popular culture
  • Dark Age Asia Minor
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