Dr Helena F.S. Lopes

I am currently working on a monograph, based on my doctoral thesis, on neutrality and collaboration in the South China enclave of Macau during the Second World War in East Asia (1937-1945) and the immediate post-war period. Macau, the first and last European colonial settlement in China, was the only foreign-administered territory to remain unoccupied by Japan throughout the war. Through a variety of previously unused Portuguese, Chinese, and British sources collected in various countries I explore Chinese wartime diplomacy, the uses and abuses of neutrality in the enclave, and the layers of interaction and collaboration involving Chinese of various factions, Japanese, British, Portuguese and many others. This project combines aspects of international, imperial, war, intelligence, and social history.

I am also developing new research on the relocation of schools from China to Macau during the Second World War, as well as a project on representations of that conflict in Chinese and world cinema.

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China since 1900

History and Historiography of Modern China

  The Global Twentieth Century, 1930-2003   

Imperial and Global History, 1750-1930

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  • Entre Impérios: Prisioneiros Portugueses na Segunda Guerra Mundial na Ásia de Leste [In Between Empires: Portuguese Prisoners in the Second World War in East Asia]

  • War, State-Building, and International Connections in Nationalist China

  • Inter-imperial Humanitarianism: The Macau Delegation of the Portuguese Red Cross during the Second World War

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