Dr Elizabeth Gemmill


My current research examines both medieval prices and valuations. The work on prices focusses on the medieval north east, and I am using the records of Durham Cathedral Priory to construct price series for a wide range of commodities from the late thirteenth to the fifteenth centuries. The aim is to gain a deeper understanding of the regional economy, and of the cathedral priory's place in it. My work on valuations complements this, being an investigation of the values of parish churches in inquisitions post mortem in the later medieval period. The purpose of this is to seek a better understanding of how these valuations were made, and to use them as a guide to regional variations and changing patterns of agricultural prosperity over time.

  • Debt, distraint, display, and dead men’s treasure: material culture in late medieval Aberdeen

  • Register of John Salmon bishop of Norwich 1299-1325

  • Valuations of churches in medieval Norfolk

  • King John, Magna Carta and the Thirteenth-Century English Church

  • Prices from the Durham obedientiary account rolls, 1278 - 1367

  • The Nobility and Ecclesiastical Patronage in Later Thirteenth Century England

  • Prices from the Durham obedientiary account rolls, 1278-1367

  • The Church on Earth and Its Secular Princes

  • The Scottish Wool Trade, 1250-1450’ and ‘Trade and Craft Guilds, Scotland

  • Durham Grain Prices, 1278-1515