Dr Atsuko Naono

  • History of infectious diseases in Asia (malaria & smallpox)
  • History of International health
  • History of Southeast Asia

I research the history of infectious diseases, particularly malaria and smallpox, in Southeast Asia during and after the colonial period.  My broader research interest includes the technical, administrative, social, and international aspects of the development of medical policies and practices related to infectious diseases. My current research examines the history of the malaria control programmes in Myanmar after the British period, with attention to both state programmes and extra-state medical/health care. A particular sub-national geographic focus is malaria control in the border areas of Myanmar where disease eradication and health provision has historically been complicated by their status as conflict zones. I am planning to expand this research to include other parts of Southeast Asia that also have been long suffering from the twin scourges of malaria and war.

Featured Publication

The State of Vaccination: The Fight Against Smallpox in Colonial Burma.

BookCover for State of Vaccination

Published as part of the New Perspectives in South Asian History Series (24). (Hyderabad: Orient Blackswan. 2009)




I currently teach:


  ‘Medicine, Empire and Development’