Associate Professor Avi Lifschitz


I would be glad to hear from prospective DPhil and MPhil students interested in the European Enlightenment, cross-cultural transfer, and other topics concerning eighteenth-century Europe.           

I currently teach:

Prelims: FHS:

British History V

General History X

Theories of State British History V

The Science of Society 1650-1800



  • Frederick the Great's Philosophical Writings

  • Philosophy and Political Agency in the Writings of Frederick II of Prussia

  • Un culte universaliste de la raison? Réflexions sur les Lumières, l’universalisme et les particularismes culturels

  • The Book of Job and the Sex Life of Elephants: The Limits of Evidential Credibility in Eighteenth-Century Natural History and Biblical Criticism

  • From the civic improvement of the Jews to the separation of state and church: Languages of reform in Brandenburg-Prussia, 1781-1799

  • More