Oxford Centre for Medieval History

Oxford’s centre for research in medieval history exists to present and promote research activity among postgraduate students and members of the Faculty. This centre falls within the platform for interdisciplinary medieval studies at Oxford (http://www.medieval.ox.ac.uk/) but represents the interests of historians specifically.  It offers a source of financial and intellectual support for initiatives in medieval history, as well as trying to foster discussion across period boundaries with early modernists and modernists.

To add yourself to the mailing-list for the Centre, please email comms@history.ox.ac.uk. Other information can be found below.


Graduate courses in this field
Research Fellows
  • Graham Barett
  • Margaret Coombe
  • Elena Ene D-Vasilescu
  • Shami Ghosh
  • Helen Lacey
  • Patrick Lantschner
  • Stephen Mileson
  • Samu Niskanen
  • Judith Ryder
  • Katharine Sykes
  • James Willoughby
Postgraduate Students
  • Erica Buchberger
  • Laura Carlson
  • Joshua Curk
  • Kerrith Davies
  • Jennifer Depold
  • Kim Kilmartin
  • Kelly A Kirkpatrick
  • Kevin James Lewis
  • Marc Lewon
  • Oren Margolis
  • Matthew Salisbury
  • Gábor Mihály Tóth
  • Tiago Viúla de Faria
  • Patrick Wadden
  • Peter Watson
  • Fiona Whelan

This centre has a number of seminars and events that run throughout the year. To see when these seminars and events will next be running, please check our events page.

Further information can also be seen below:

  • Medieval History Seminar
  • Medieval Church & Culture Seminar
  • Medieval Visual Culture Seminar
  • Medieval Archaeology Seminar

Full seminar listings for this term can be downloaded as a PDF file below:

Medieval Booklet Trinity Term 2015

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