Oxford and Empire

This is a university initiative through the Faculty of History to encourage investigation into connections between Oxford and the wider British Empire. The project began in 2018 and has now expanded into an online platform, with the goal of showcasing the research currently being done in this area.

Website: https://oxfordandempire.web.ox.ac.uk/home

indian institute opening parade

Military parade on Broad street for the opening ceremony of the Indian Institute. May 02, 1883

Research Aims

There are three main aspects to this project:

  • Research

    • Many Oxford students are currently undertaking research on the British Empire. This webpage will act as a platform for showcasing aspects of their research to the interested public. 

  • Object engagement

    • We are in the process of having 3-Dimensional scans created on six 'Objects of Empire'. These objects will enable digital engagement and close-up analysis of select objects which illustrate the pathways objects followed between the colonies and Oxford.

  • Walking tours and talks

    • By the end of Trinity Term 2019, we will begin running public walks through the city of Oxford, hosted by university researchers. These walks will be a way to contexualise the legacies of colonialism that are embodied in Oxford's monuments, museums, and built environment.

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