Dr Philipp Nothaft

  • Chronology, calendars, and systems of dating (ancient to modern)
  • Medieval science (particularly astronomy)
  • European intellectual history (ancient to early modern)
  • Jews and Christians in medieval Europe
  • An Alfonsine Universe: Nicolò Conti and Georg Peurbach on the Threefold Motion of the Fixed Stars

  • Jean des Murs’s Canones tabularum Alfonsii of 1339

  • Henry Bate's Tabule Machlinenses: the earliest astronomical tables by a Latin author.

  • Ptolemaic Orbs in Twelfth-Century England: A Study and Edition of the Anonymous 'Liber de motibus planetarum'

  • Scandalous error: Calendar reform and calendrical astronomy in medieval Europe

  • John Holbroke, the Tables of Cambridge, and the "true length of the year": a forgotten episode in fifteenth-century astronomy

  • Zaccaria Lilio and the shape of the earth: A brief response to Allegro's "Flat earth science".

  • From the true Birth Year of Christ

  • Criticism of trepidation models and advocacy of uniform precession in medieval Latin astronomy

  • A Reluctant Innovator: Graeco-Arabic Astronomy in the Computus of Magister Cunestabulus (1175)

  • More
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