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Undergraduate Funding

For information on Undergraduate Fees and Funding options, please follow this link:

Undergraduate Fees and Funding



Graduate Funding

Scholarships for Postgraduate Study in History 2018-19

Scholarships covering fees, living expenses, or fees plus living expenses, are available to outstanding graduate applicants subject to eligibility.

To be considered for funding, candidates applying to start a course from October 2018 must have submitted their University application(s) for the course(s) for which they wish to be considered by the 19th January 2018 deadline.

Please see the Standard scholarship selection terms for more information about the application and selection process.

To be considered for an Ertegun Graduate Scholarship candidates need to submit a supporting statement in addition to indicating that they wish to be considered for this particular scholarship on their University application.

Wolfson College Schoarships

Preference will be given to applicants who have listed Wolfson as their first-choice College when two (or more) candidates are of equal academic merit.


Please note that the following scholarships and colleges have separate application processes for certain scholarships.


The Asa Briggs Scholarship in History at Worcester College and the deadline is 2nd March 2018

The New College Marshall Scholarship and the deadline is 2nd October 2017

The scholarships at St Edmunds College and Linacre College

The Delia Bushell Graduate Scholarship in History

St Cross HAPP MPhil Scholarship in the History of Science

St Cross MPhil Scholarship in the Humanities and Social Sciences 

St Cross DPhil Jan-Georg DeutschScholarship in African History

St Cross Paula Soans O'Brian [DPhil] Scholarship in the Arts and Humanities

Linacre College Mary Blaschko Scholarship

Lincoln College Kenneth Sewards-Shaw Scholarship 

Balliol College Were Wycliffe Scholarship and the deadline is 1 May 2018

Worcester College Drue Heinz Graduate Scholarship. The closing date for all application material is 2 March 2018


Candidates will automatically be considered for their eligibility for funding from a number of sources including the AHRC, the Clarendon Fund, Oxford Colleges and benefactors.


You should also consult the Funding Search for more awards, the Humanities page and individual college pages

The Oxford Funding Search:


External scholarships:


Request the Alternative Funding Guide (http://www.gradfunding.co.uk/) herehttp://www.ox.ac.uk/students/fees-funding/otherfunding

We always try to look at the funding we can shortlist for in parallel with making admissions decisions, but the huge number of applicants means that we have difficulty confirming awards until Spring.


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