We Stand with CEU: New Directions in History - HISTORIES OF FORMAL KNOWLEDGE




May 4, 2017 at 2pm – 4pm, Maths Lecture Theatre, ROC


Presentation #1

Presenter: Emese Lafferton, Assistant professor, Department of History, CEU

Title: Difference, division and degeneration: The history of racial sciences in Hungary around 1900


Presentation #2

Presenter: Carsten Wilke, Associate Professor, Department of History, CEU

Title: The academic turn in Jewish religious scholarship: Individual and institutional paths to cultural hybridity in Central Europe


Presentation #3

Presenter: Ahmet Bilaloglu, Doctoral student, Department of History, CEU

Title: Trans-Imperial networks of knowledge production and technology transfer: The case of Yirmisekiz-zade Mehmet Said (d. 1761) and his network

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