The Stanley R Friesen Lecture in the History of Surgery - Birth at the Jaws of Death: Caesarean Section in the Nineteenth Century

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Sally Frampton (Faculty of History, University of Oxford)

Caesarean section is a ubiquitous presence in modern medicine. In the US they account for around 1 in 3 births. This lecture will trace the early development of the practice, drawing on sources from a range of national contexts. In the late nineteenth century, as doctors increasingly turned to the procedure in desperate cases of obstructed  labour, a complex ethical dialogue emerged around its practice, at the heart of which was a question as to the relative value of the mother and child's lives. This lecture will draw together the medical, cultural, and religious threads which underlay the operation's use (and resistance to it) and elucidate the experiences of both patients and practitioners entangled within its early use.


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