Workshop - Resonance of Mind: Poetry, Movement & Mental Health

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© Yewande Okuleye

Resonance of Mind is an innovative arts-based research project that combines sound art installation, collective poetry writing, and community-centered historical research to shift the pervasive stigma surrounding mental health. This project aims to engage the public in a transformative dialogue, fostering empathy, understanding, and challenging preconceptions about mental health through a multisensory creative experience.


Join us as we launch the Resonance of Mind poetry workshop as part of Mental Health Awareness Week 2024. In this interactive free online event, we will explore the transformative power of poetry in our daily lives, with a focus on mental health. Whether you're an experienced poet or new to the world of verse, this session offers a space to connect with others, cultivate creativity, and deepen your appreciation for the beauty of sound and language. Through listening to soundscapes, and performance poetry led by Dr Yewande Okuleye, poet and medical historian, we'll explore how written and sonic poetry can serve as a source of inspiration, solace, and self-expression, enriching our lives in profound ways.