New Approaches to Cultural History in the Early Modern World

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Prof. Dr. Daniela Hacke (FU)
Prof. Dr. Lyndal Roper (Oxford)





Friday 15 February 2019

2.30 pm: Welcome and coffee

3.00-5.00: Convent life and religion

  • Sarah Zeitler, Seeing and being seen in German Convents: The Visuality of the Observance (FU)
  • Ryan Asquez, The Suffering Christ: An Ubiquitous Image in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe (Oxford)
  • Edmund Wareham, Cash for Access: The Danger of Simony on Entering the Convent (Oxford)

5.00-5.15: Coffee break

5.15-7.30: Gender and Sexuality


  • Mette Ahlefeldt-Laurvig, “Kinderbeddsche Fruwen”: The Ritual of Churching in the Duchies of Schleswig, Holstein and the Kingdom of Denmark (Oxford)
  • Lucy McCann, Material Maternities: Gendered perspectives on ivory anatomical manikins in Germany 1550-1750 (Oxford)
  • Naama Amir, Pleasurable Consumption: An analysis of the relation between sexual encounters, companionship and consumption in the London Pleasure Fairs in the first half of the Nineteenth Century (FU)

Saturday 16 February 2019

9.30-11.00: Cultural history in a global world I


  • Joel Butler, Anglo-Ottoman diplomacy 1565-1606: Integrating European diplomacy and Ottoman politics (Oxford)
  • Eva Diet, Hostages in French-African diplomatic encounters (FU)

11.00-11.20: Coffee Break

11.20-12.45: Cultural history in a global world II


  • Charles Beirouti, Edward Terry and the Muslims of Mughal India, 1616-1655 (Oxford)
  • Emma Zheng, Narrating and Mapping the world in China before and after the Jesuits' Arrival: Some Thoughts on Sino-European Cartographical Encounter (FU)

12.45-1.15: Lunch

1.15-2.40: Atlantic History and Migration
Franziska Hermes, Shipwreck in the English Atlantic (FU)
Cecilia Tarruell, Mobility and conversion in the early modern Mediterranean: Some reflections on women's paths between Christian and Islamic lands (Oxford)

2.40-2.50: Short coffee break

2.50-4.15: The Senses: Smell and Perfume

  • Birgit Näther, "A London Particular": Emission, Infection and Olfaction (c. 1650 -1850) (FU)
  • Sarah-Maria Schober, Dissecting the Civet Cat: Approaches to a Scent and Symbol, Matter and Animal (Oxford/Basel)

4.15-4.30: Coffee break

4.30-6.00: War and Conflict

  • Katharina Delvig, Contingency and Life Strategies during the Thirty Years War (FU)
  • Louis Morris, The Identity of Foreign Soldiers According to the Commentariat of Cologne, 1576-1618 (Oxford) 

Workshop Dinner