Disability History Month Workshop: “Disability History at Oxford: Opportunities, Challenges, and the Future”

In order to mark the beginning of the national Disability History Month (22nd November -22nd December), the History Faculty will run a workshop to promote the study of Disability History in the university. Four speakers will reflect on the important and diverse research already underway in the field within Oxford, and will consider the future of Disability History at all academic levels. Each session will provide plenty of opportunity for discussion, and we hope that the workshop will inspire further events in the field.

disability workshop



9.00-9.20am Registration (Tea/Coffee)

9.20am Welcome by John Watts, Chair of History Faculty Board


9.30am Session 1: Researching Disability History

William Whyte (St. John’s): 'The Trouble with Words: Writing a History of Dyslexia'

Sloan Mahone (History Faculty): 'Epilepsy in Africa: Combining History, Activism, and Health Provision'


11.00-11.30am Tea/Coffee


11.30am Session 2: Embedding Disability History in the Curriculum

Sian Pooley (Magdalen):  'Learning and Teaching through Histories of Disability: Bodies, Minds, and the Curriculum'

Kathryn Jones (Balliol): 'Tracking Mental Health through History: An Undergraduate Dissertation in Sadness'


1pm Close


The workshop is open to all university members and staff. There will be no charge for attendance, but registration is necessary to aid the organisation of the event, and to ensure that we can accommodate any personal needs. 

If you would like to attend, please sign-up for your place below:

(If you already have a specific interest in Disability History, the organisers would be grateful if you could communicate this when registering!)

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