Colloquium: 'Imagining Madness'

imagining madness

Speakers: Jane Garnett (Wadham College, Oxford), Kate Kennedy (Wolfson College, Oxford), John Hopkins (Homerton College), Penelope Cave (Wolfson College, Oxford), Neil Armstrong (ISCA, Oxford), Heather Clark (University of Huddersfield)

How has madness been perceived and represented by composers, biographers, medical professionals, and people who have experienced it first-hand? How should we conceptualise madness as scholars? This interdisciplinary colloquium aims to give researchers who are interested in this subject an opportunity to meet one another, hear about each other’s work, and to discuss the challenges of writing about experiences and perceptions of madness and mental illness. It will include two afternoon sessions featuring presentations by scholars of various disciplines who will explore representations of madness in music, biography, poetry, letters and medical texts. Each session will open up a broader group discussion about the challenges of ‘imagining madness’. We would be delighted to have you join us and participate in the discussion!

Coffee/tea and refreshments will be served at 1:30 pm. We welcome cash donations at the event to cover catering costs.

Please register here by noon on Monday 29th April if you would like to attend: