Children and Borders - One day colloquium: Centre for the History of Childhood

Children and Borders


Colloquium at the Centre for the History of Childhood, Oxford University


Magdalen College, Oxford, OX1 4AU


Friday 28th June 2019: 10-5:15pm


This colloquium explores how children and childhood have responded to – and negotiated – borders. What roles did children play in making people, ideas, and practices mobile? In what contexts were certain ideas of childhood given power across space so as to construct new national and international concepts of childhood? To what extent did the young communicate across divides? How did children live with the borders formed by states, communities and families? In this one-day colloquium, we will explore these questions by focusing on children’s experiences and perspectives, ranging across the globe and over the last 800 years.


As part of the day, we are delighted to especially welcome Bart van Es and Lien de Jong to talk about the award-winning book, The Cut Out Girl: a story of War and Family (2018).





9:10-9:30 Registration (Summer Common Room)

9:30-9:35 Welcome

9:35-11:05 Session 1: Communication across borders

Chair: Sumita Mukherjee (Bristol)

  • Sneha Krishnan (Oxford) Good Christian Girls for a Stable India: Cold War Geopolitics and Postcolonial Girlhood
  • Rosie Walters (Bristol) Crossing North-South Divides in a Study with Members of the UN Foundation’s ‘Girl Up’

11:05-11:15: Tea/Coffee (Cloisters)

11:15-1:00 Session 2: Recovering voices

Chair: Kathryn Gleadle (Oxford)

  • Mary Cox (Oxford) Hunger in War and Peace: Women and Children in Germany, 1914-1924

11:55-12:00 short break

  • Bart van Es (Oxford) The Cut Out Girl: a story of War and Family

1:00-1:45: Lunch (Old Kitchen Bar)

1:45-3:15 Session 3: Orphans’ voices

Chair: Siân Pooley (Oxford)

  • Helen Berry (Newcastle) ‘Wanting More’: Recovering Children’s Voices from the London Foundling Hospital Archives
  • Suzan Meryem Rosita Kalayci (Oxford) ‘Thus makes us orphans all’: the History of the Armenian Genocide through the Eyes of Armenian and Turkish War Children

3:15-3:30 Tea/Coffee (Cloisters)

3:30-5:15 Session 4: Moving across borders

Chair and closing remarks: Jennifer Crane (Oxford)

  • Miriam Müller (Birmingham) Negotiating and Rescinding Borders in Medieval Rural Childhood
  • Rachel Winchcombe (Manchester) ‘If you love me you will redeeme me suddenlie’: The Emotional World of a Seventeenth-Century Indentured Child


By Monday 24th June 2019

Registration fee (includes coffee, lunch, tea): Waged £20; Unwaged £10.

Please email if you have any queries.


Organisers: Jennifer Crane, Kathryn Gleadle, Siân Pooley