Prof. Jane Garnett named Staff Champion in Vice-Chancellor's Diversity Awards

VC Diversity Awards logo

Professor Jane Garnett of the History Faculty and Wadham College has been named Staff Champion in the Vice-Chancellor’s Diversity Awards.

The award announcement pays tribute to Professor Garnett’s transformative impact on equality, diversity and inclusion – both within the Humanities Division and across the University. It says: “Jane has promoted EDI for many years and successfully operates at all levels, from the interpersonal to the institutional. Among her many achievements she has created a robust EDI strategy for the Humanities Division, led the development of UK BME PGT Studentships and established the Divisional Culture Change Fund.

“Jane has been a driving force behind the interdisciplinary MSt in Women’s Studies (now 'Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies') since its foundation and engages junior scholars in teaching and governance. At Wadham College, Jane has spearheaded numerous initiatives, supporting students individually and collectively, advocating for better support of care-experienced and estranged students and for a graduate disability scholarship.”

Professor Garnett said: “This is an award received on behalf of so many others with whom I have been privileged to work. Everything I have done has been in creative collaboration with others.  Enhancing diversity is about self-renewal. It is a fundamental process of increasing critical awareness, challenging assumptions, making new connections and keeping open to learning. It is what being a university means.”

Prof. Christina de Bellaigue was also nominated for the award of Student and Staff Champion for their outstanding contributions to equality, diversity and inclusion work.