Leverhulme Early Career Fellowships: 2021 Round

Applications in all areas of History are invited for these Fellowships, from suitably qualified researchers in the early stages of an academic career who wish to base their research in the Faculty of History at the University of Oxford. A previous connection with the University is not required; applications are particularly welcome from those who obtained their doctorates from other institutions. The Fellowship requires the support of a member of the Faculty willing to act as Mentor. 

It is expected that, as in previous years, the Faculty will be able to support two applications to the Leverhulme Trust. Please note that being selected by the Faculty does not ensure the award of a Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship, but we will work with you to ensure as strong a submission as possible. The application stages to be followed are:

  1. apply to the Faculty via Research Committee
  2. if successful, enter into discussion with our Research Facilitator to strengthen your application
  3. submit your application to Leverhulme for consideration.

Please note that you cannot apply to Leverhulme identifying Oxford as your place for holding the Fellowship without first applying through the Faculty. 

Leverhulme Early Career Fellowships are aimed at supporting those at a relatively early stage of their academic careers but with a proven record of research. Applicants must have submitted their doctoral thesis no more than four years before the closing date, i.e. not before 25 February 2017, unless there has been a career break.   Fellowships are tenable for three years on a full-time basis. Requests to hold the award part-time over a proportionately longer period may also be considered. Candidates must either have a UK degree or have been employed within the UK for at least 4 months prior to applying. However, applicants must not hold or have held a permanent academic position in a UK university or comparable institution, and must have a doctorate or equivalent research experience. Those currently registered for a doctorate must have submitted their thesis by the closing date of 25 February 2021.

For more information on the scheme, including eligibility, please see https://www.leverhulme.ac.uk/early-career-fellowships. The Leverhulme online application process will open on 1 January 2021 and its deadline for the 2021 competition will be 4 p.m. on 25 February 2021. 

The internal deadline for applications to the Faculty is 5pm Friday 18 December 2020.


How to apply to the Faculty of History

Applications should be sent electronically to rf@history.ox.ac.uk by 5pm Friday 18 December 2020 marked ‘Leverhulme ECF 2021’ in the subject header. They should comprise:

  • a CV, two pages at most, including education, publications, any awards, thesis title, and examiners;
  • a draft statement of post-doctoral research, two pages at most;
  • a 150-word abstract summarising the research for a general audience;
  • an indication of what additional research expenses may be claimed.
  • a named mentor from among the permanent members of the Faculty of History, who must provide a statement of support – see (a) below.

Candidates are in addition asked to ensure that the Faculty receives the following:

(a)  a statement from their proposed mentor confirming their willingness to support the application, sent directly to rf@history.ox.ac.uk by 5pm Friday 18 December 2020.    

(b) an academic reference that addresses the significance and originality of the research project and the candidate's fitness to undertake it, sent directly to rf@history.ox.ac.uk by 5pm Friday 18 December 2020.


What happens next?

Once the Faculty has considered the applications received (which is expected to happen in early January 2021) and forwarded its recommendations to the Humanities Division, the successful applicants will be supported by our Research Facilitator in the completion of the full application to the Leverhulme Trust. All applicants to the Faculty will be notified of whether their application has been successful or not, but detailed feedback will not be given.