Economic History Association Annual Meeting success!

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  1. Meredith Paker’s DPhil dissertation, ‘A Problem of Industries and Regions: Unemployment and Structural Change in Britain During the Interwar Years and 1980s’ was shortlisted for the Gerschenkron Prize at this year’s Economic History Association meetings. The prize is awarded by the EHA for the best dissertation in the economic history of an area outside of the US or Canada in the previous year. It was one of three PhD theses to be presented by their authors and praised by Professor Steven Nafziger (the adjudicator) at the conference.
  2. At the same conference, Professor Gregg Huff was awarded the Lindert –Williamson Prize of the Economic History Association, for his recent book World War II and Southeast Asia, Economy and Society under Japanese Occupation. The prize was shared with Going the Distance: Eurasian Trade and the Rise of the Business Corporation, 1400-1700, by Ron Harris.
  3. Professor Sheilagh Ogilvie's book The European Guilds was awarded the Gyorgy Ranki Prize alongside Hoffman, Rosenthal, and Postel-Vinay's Dark Matter Credit.
  4. Finally, Professor Jane Humphries was elected as incoming President.  She will hold office in 2022-3, taking over from current President Ann Carlos.