Professor John Darwin

My current research is into the role of the great port cities of the nineteenth and twentieth century (including Montreal, New Orleans, Cape Town, Calcutta, Singapore, Hong Kong) in shaping the growth not only of a new global economy, but also of the exchange of ideas and the different visions of modernity that accompanied earlier phases of globalisation. 

John Darwin is involved in the following research projects:

Defining the Global Middle Ages

Until very recently the focus of 'global history' has been on the origins of the modern world. Yet several features associated with 'modern' and 'early modern' global history (e.g. long-distance commercial interaction, voluntary and forced migration, multi-ethnic empires, and the transmission of cultural forms) were clearly also present in the centuries before 1500. As scholarly and popular interest mounts in pre-modern forms of global history, this network organised by historians at the Universities of Oxford, Birmingham and Newcastle is devoted to an exploration of the 'Global Middles Ages'.

  • The Geopolitics of Decolonisation

  • Unfinished Empire

  • Exits and Colonial Administrations

  • Orphans of Empire

  • Empire and Ethnicity

  • The Empire Project

  • After Tamerlane The Rise and Fall of Global Empires, 1400-2000

  • Brtian's Empires

  • Was there a Fourth British Empire?

  • Gallagher's Empire'

  • More
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