Dr Emily Winkler

Her book, Royal Responsibility in Anglo-Norman Narratives, is forthcoming with Oxford University Press (2017). Her articles have been published in Anglo-Norman Studies, the Haskins Society Journal and the Journal of Medieval History, and she has articles forthcoming in Welsh History Review and the volumes Translations in Times of Disruption (Palgrave) and Discovering William of Malmesbury (Boydell), a collection of papers she co-edited about the one of most prolific and well-educated historians of the twelfth century. At present, she is co-editing a volume of essays on the rewriting of history in the central Middle Ages (c. 900–1200). She is writing an article on the changing attitudes towards kingship and queenship in tenth-century Britain, and a study comparing invasion narratives of the early medieval British Isles. Current and future projects include comparative studies of historical writing in the British Isles and the Norman impact on visions of the past in the Mediterranean.

Dr Winkler’s research and teaching centres on Europe before 1200. She works primarily on historical writing, political thought and the reception of the classics in the early and central Middle Ages, and is particularly interested in applying cross-disciplinary and comparative approaches to the past. She is currently examining how historians’ attitudes towards the peoples of the British Isles and the North Sea Zone changed before and after the Norman Conquest.

As Vice-President for the UK and Europe of the Haskins Society, a scholarly organization devoted to the study of the early and central Middle Ages, Dr Winkler plans and supports conference sessions on a variety of themes to support the Society’s international community of medievalists. In this capacity, she is organizing a conference on ‘The Normans in the South: Mediterranean Meetings in the Central Middle Ages’, to take place at St Edmund Hall, 30 June–2 July 2017. Details of the conference may be found here: http://www.haskinssociety.org/Normans-in-the-South. Dr Winkler’s outreach activities have included organizing a major millennial anniversary event commemorating the Danish Conquest of England, speaking for local historical associations in London, Aylesbury and Knutsford, and working closely with the alumni associations of Jesus College and St Edmund Hall to promote lifelong learning of history.

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  • Discovering William of Malmesbury: The Man and his Works

  • England’s Defending Kings in Twelfth-Century Historical Writing

  • The Latin Life of Gruffudd ap Cynan, British kingdoms and the Scandinavian past

  • William of Malmesbury and the Britons

  • 1074 in the Twelfth Century

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