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Banners of the Northern Saints

Génair Pátraicc: Old Irish between print and manuscript, 1647–1853’

King Ceadwalla and Bishop Wilfrid

Michael Casey (?1752–1830/31), herb doctor, his Irish manuscripts, and John O’Donovan

Peter of Blois and Abbot Henry de Longchamp

Peter of Blois and Abbot Henry de Longchamp

The medieval librarian

‘Henry I’s Coronation Charter’, ‘Henry I’s county and hundred court regulations’, Henry I’s coinage regulations’, and ‘Stephen’s coronation charter’ (Latin texts)


Further hidden manuscripts

Humfrey Wanley, Bishop John O’Brien, and the colophons of Mael Brigte’s Gospels

Destruction of Irish manuscripts and the National Board of Education

Gulide, Guile, and Gulinus: an Irish type for a twelfth-century Latin story

Official and unofficial Latin words in eleventh- and twelfth-century England

Official and unofficial words in eleventh- and twelfth-century England

The duke of Sussex’s Irish manuscript (Rylands Irish MS 22)

Richard Plunket (fl. 1772–1791), “a neglected genius of the county of Meath”

Common carriers in medieval England: evidence from Oxford archives

Charters of William II and Henry I (with D. X. Carpenter) - Third tranche

Irish poetry in print in Cox's Irish Magazine, 1808–1810

The Earliest Norman Sheriffs

Manuscript and print in Gaelic Scotland and Ireland 1689–1832

‘Tenere in capite and tenant in chief’

Tommaso Giordani, Gregorio Ballabene’s Messa a dodici cori con organo, and sacred music in late-eighteenth-century Dublin

Manuscript by subscription: Muiris Ó gormain and the annals of the four masters

VARIA III. Gulide, Guile and Gulinus: An Irish type for a twelfth-century Latin story

(Review) P. Ó Riain, Four Tipperary Saints

Medieval manuscripts found at Bonamargy friary and other hidden manuscripts

King William and the Brecc Bennach in 1211: reliquary or holy banner?

The University and College Libraries of Oxford

(Review) Már Jónsson, Arnas Magnæus philologus

Doing business with William Rufus: the Haddenham narrative

Seán Ó Cléirigh and his manuscripts

Medieval Libraries of Great Britain

Charters of William II and Henry I (with D. X. Carpenter) - Second tranche

Tadhg Gaelach Ó Súilleabháin's Pious Miscellany: editions of the Munster bestseller of the early nineteenth century

John Eyton alias Repyngdon and the Sermones super euangelia dominicalia attributed to Philip Repyngdon

Lachlan Campbell’s letters to Edward Lhwyd, 1704–7

Muiris Ó Gormáin’s book lists and T. F. O’Rahilly

Máel Mhuire Ó hUiginn’s poem Slán uaim don dá aodhaire

Addressing different language-groups: charters from the eleventh and twelfth centuries

(Review) Adomnan of Iona. Theologian, Lawmaker, Peacemaker

Peter of Cornwall's Book of Revelations

Roderick O’Flaherty’s Letters to William Molyneux, Edward Lhwyd, and Samuel Molyneux 1696–1709

Comforting sentences from the warming room at Inchcolm abbey

Iona in 1771: Gaelic tradition and visitors’ experience


Books from Ireland, Fifth to Ninth Centuries

Peoples and languages in eleventh- and twelfth-century Britain and Ireland: reading the charter evidence

The last years of Herbert the Chamberlain: Weaverthorpe church and hall

The date of Quadripartitus again

Selling Books from the Sheldonian Theatre 1677–1720

The dating of Quadripartitus again

Henry Ellis, Richard Gough’s protégé

Claf Abercuawg and the voice of Llywarch Hen

Anselm as author. Publishing in the late eleventh century

Four early booklets of Anselm's works from Salisbury Cathedral, Cambridge, Trinity College, B. 1. 37

In quest of Pictish manuscripts

King Harold's Daughter

The present and future of incunable cataloguing, II

Library catalogues and indexes

The contribution of manuscript catalogues to identifying medieval Latin texts

Titulus: Identifying Medieval Latin Texts: an Evidence-Based Approach (review)

Vita beati Dauid qui et Dewi episcopi et confessoris

Which text is Rhygyfarch’s Life of St David?

Norman rule in Cumbria, 1092-1136

Thomas Tanner (1674–1735), the 1697 catalogue, and 'Bibliotheca Britannica'

The Varieties of Bede's Prose

King Ceadwalla’s Roman epitaph

Books stolen from Ely cathedral priory and found in Paris, c.1330

Address and Delivery in Anglo-Norman Royal Charters

King Ceadwalla’s Roman epitaph

Monastic reading at Thorney Abbey, 1323-1347

The English bibliographical tradition from Henry de Kirkestede to Thomas Tanner

1088—William II and the rebels

Le bibliothécaire médiéval et son héritage

Richard Barre's Compendium Veteris et Noui Testamenti

The use of writs in the eleventh century

The Naming of Bishop Ithamar

Local Saints and Local Churches in the Early Medieval West

Martyrs and local saints in late antique Britain

Were there British bishops at the council of Serdica, ad 343?

The late antique Passion of St Alban

The thriving of Dalriada

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