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The ‘Turkestan Generals’ and Russian Military History

Sikunder Burnes: Master of the Great Game

Russian Hajj: Empire and the Pilgrimage to Mecca

Making Uzbekistan. Nation, Empire, and Revolution in the Early USSR By Adeeb Khalid

Timur Kasymovich Beisembiev, 1955–2016

Beyond the Great Game': The Russian origins of the second Anglo-Afghan War

Russian settler colonialism

Proceedings of the XIIth Conference of the European Society for Central Asian Studies: Central Asia: A Maturing Field

Creating a Colonial Shari'a for Russian Turkestan. Count Pahlen, the Hidaya, and Anglo-Muhammadan Law

The Russian Empire and the Soviet Union: too soon to talk of echoes?

Peasant Settlers and the ‘Civilising Mission’ in Russian Turkestan, 1865–1917


Introduction: Killing the Cotton Canard and getting rid of the Great Game: Rewriting the Russian conquest of Central Asia, 1814-1895

Nechto eroticheskoe, courir après l'ombre?-logistical imperatives and the fall of Tashkent, 1859-1865

Le rôle des fortifications dans les stratégies de conquête et de pacification des espaces désertiques: les exemples russe en Asie central et français dans le "Grand Sud" algérien XIXe - XXe sièc

Camels and Colonial Armies: The Logistics of Warfare in Central Asia in the Early 19th Century

Russia, Khoqand, and the search for a “natural” frontier, 1863-1865

Twin Imperial Disasters. The invasions of Khiva and Afghanistan in the Russian and British official mind, 1839-1842

Oriel and the Wider World

Amlākdārs, Khwājas and Mulk land in the Zarafshan Valley after the Russian Conquest

Internal Colonization. Russia’s Imperial Experience by Alexander Etkind

The Great Game, 1856-1907: Myths and Realities of Russian-British relations in Central and Eastern Asia

The Pahlen Commission and the Re-Establishment of Rectitude in Transcaspia, 1908-1909

"Sowing the Seed of National Strife in this Alien Region". The Pahlen Report and Pereselenie in Turkestan, 1908-1911.

Metropole, colony, and imperial citizenship in the Russian Empire

Sufism, Pan-Islamism and Information Panic: Nil Sergeevich Lykoshin and the Aftermath of the Andijan Uprising

The Pleasures and Pitfalls of Colonial Comparisons

Islam and the Russian Empire. Reform and Revolution in Central Asia By HELENE CARRERE D'ENCAUSSE

Le Turkestan Russe: Une colonie comme les autres? ed. by Svetlana Gorshenina, Sergei Abashin

The military bureaucracy in the Samarkand oblast' of Russian Turkestan

"Applied Orientalism" in British India and Tsarist Turkestan

Russian Rule in Samarkand 1868-1910: A Comparison with British India

Russian rule in Turkestan and the example of British India, c. 1860-1917

'White todas': The politics of race and class amongst european settlers on the nilgiri hills, c.1860-1900

Book Review: Endgame: Britain, Russia and the Final Struggle for Central Asia

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