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Henry VII’s New Men and the Making of Tudor England

Sport and recreation in sixteenth-century England: the evidence of accidental deaths

The perils of piety in Tudor England

Deadly beasts of Tudor England

The International Context

Toys and games that killed in Tudor England

For whom the bell tolls: accidental deaths in Tudor England

Anglo-Florentine Contacts in the age of Henry VIII: Political and Social Contexts

Drowning in Tudor England

War and the Emergence of the State: Western Europe 1350-1600

Archery practice in early Tudor England

Politic history, new monarchy and state formation: Henry VII in European perspective

Women, reform and community in early modern England. Katherine Willoughby, duchess of Suffolk and Lincolnshire's godly aristocracy, 1519-1580

Henry VIII's Military Revolution: The Armies of Sixteenth-Century Britain and Europe

The Life and Career of William Paulet (c.1475-1572), Lord Treasurer and First Marquis of Winchester

Prince Arthur's Preparation for Kingship

The military orders and the reformation: Choices, state building, and the weight of tradition

The household book (1510-1551) of Sir Edward Don: An Anglo-Welsh knight and his circle

Men at arms in Europe XIV-XVI centuries

The English experience in France c.1450-1558: War, diplomacy and cultural exchange

English warfare, 1511-1642.

Power and politics in Tudor England: Essays

Triumphs of English - Henry Parker, Lord Morley, translator to the Tudor court

A letter of Jane,Duchess of Northumberland, in 1553

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