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Mourning and Glory: Toward Affective Histories of Violence in Africa over la Longue Durée

A History of Modern Uganda

Elite bargains and political deals project: Ethiopian-Eritrean case study

States of Anxiety: History and Nation in Modern Africa

Writing Eritrea: History and Representation in a Bad Neighborhood

Ghosts in the Academy: Historians and Historical Consciousness in the Making of Modern Uganda

Horror, hubris and humanity: the international engagement with Africa, 1914-2014

The Fragile Revolution: rethinking war and development in Africa's violent nineteenth century

Introduction: African histories: past, present, and future

Oxford Handbook of Modern African History

Warfare and the Military

Warfare in African History

A History of Modern Africa 1800 to the Present

Violent Development: toward an economic history of African warfare and military organisation


Frontiers of Violence in North-East Africa Genealogies of Conflict Since C.1800

Violence and its Sources: European witnesses to the military revolution in nineteenth-century eastern Africa

Warfare in precolonial Africa

Arms and Adolescence: male youth, warfare and statehood in nineteenth-century eastern Africa

Eritrea: The Siege State

The Politics of Silence: Interpreting Stasis in Contemporary Eritrea

Eritrea's External Relations Understanding Its Regional Role and Foreign Policy

Eritrea’s regional role and foreign policy: past and present perspectives

Ghosts of the Mesafint: Contemplating Conflict in Eritrean-Ethiopian History

Revisiting Primitive War: Perceptions of Violence and Race in History

The Trans-Mereb Experience: Perceptions of the Historical Relationship between Eritrea and Ethiopia

Defining Frontiers: violence and identity in nineteenth-century Eritrea

Human Booty: some observations of the seizure of people in war, Buganda c.1700-1890

War in Pre-Colonial Eastern Africa

Traumatic Transitions: Open Season on the Eritrean State

War and remembrance: orality, literacy and conflict in the Horn

Caught in the headlights of history: Eritrea, the EPLF and the post-war nation-state

NATIONHOOD, POWER AND HISTORY: UNFINISHED BUSINESS AND THE LONGUE DURÉE IN UGANDA Governing Uganda: British Colonial Rule and its Legacy. By GARDNER THOMPSON. Kampala: Fountain Publishers, 2003. Pp. x+366. £22.95, paperb...

“Ethiopians believe in God, Sha’abiya believe in mountains”: the EPLF and the 1998-2000 war in historical perspective

Eritrea: dieci anni di indipendenza, 1993-2003

Motives and Opportunities: the pre-colonial background to the Uganda Agreement of 1900

Old Problems in New Conflicts: Some Observations on Eritrea and Its Relations with Tigray, from Liberation Struggle to Inter-State War

Political Power in Pre-Colonial Buganda

Warfare and Urbanisation: the relationship between town and conflict in pre-colonial eastern Africa

The Challenge of the Past: The Quest for Historical Legitimacy in Independent Eritrea

A Fierce Race

Merchants, Missions and the Remaking of the Urban Environment in Buganda, c.1840-1890

Merchants, Missions and the Remaking of the Urban Environment in Buganda, c.1840-1890

Images of an African Ruler: Kabaka Mutesa of Buganda, ca. 1857–1884

War and Militarism in Pre-Colonial Buganda


Mutesa and Mirambo: Thoughts on East African Warfare and Diplomacy in the Nineteenth Century

Traders, chiefs and soldiers: the pre-colonial capitals of Buganda

The Reign of Kabaka Nakibinge: Myth or Watershed?

Remembering and Forgetting Mirambo: histories of war in modern Africa
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