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The Governance of the Bank for International Settlements 1973-2020

Central bank swaps then and now: swaps and dollar liquidity in the 1960s

The origins of the Asia dollar market 1968-1986: Regulatory competition and complementarity in Singapore and Hong Kong

Deutsche Bank: The Global Hausbank, 1870 – 2020

The city and financial services: Historical perspectives on the brexit debate

The City and Financial Services after Brexit: historical perspectives

Hong Kong and Global Finance: The Limits to Free Market Foundations

The oil market and global finance in the 1980s

The Sterling Area 1945-1972

Negotiating Positive Non-interventionism: Regulating Hong Kong's Finance Companies, 1976–1986

'Coordination failures during and after Bretton Woods’

‘Inflation, risk and international banking; responses by regulators and the market in the 1970s’

Rogue Trading at Lloyds Bank International, 1974: Operational Risk in Volatile Markets

Monetary policy cooperation and coordination: a historical perspective on the importance of rules

'Bank Regulation and Supervision’

‘Central Banks and the Stability of the International Monetary Regime’

‘International financial regulation and supervision’

The Oxford Handbook of Banking and Finance

‘China and the International Monetary Fund 1945-1985’

Reforming the International Monetary System in the 1970s and 2000s: Would a Special Drawing Right Substitution Account Have Worked?

The shift from sterling to the dollar, 1965-76: Evidence from Australia and New Zealand

Summer in the City: Banking Failures of 1974 and the Development of International Banking Supervision

‘Sterling and monetary policy 1870-2010’

Foreign trade and payments in western europe

‘The Hong Kong gold market during the 1960s: local and global effects’

The Dissolution of a Monetary Union: The Case of Malaysia and Singapore 1963–1974

The Sterling Area and Economic Disintegration

The Global Gold Market and the International Monetary System from the late 19th Century to the Present

Basket pegs and exchange rate regime change: Australia and New Zealand in the mid-seventies

The Re-emergence of Hong Kong as an International Financial Centre, 1960–1978: Contested Internationalization

International Economic Relations Since 1945

Sterling, Hong Kong and China in the 1930s and 1950s

The regulation of international financial markets from the 1950s to the 1990s

The Decline of Sterling

The banking and financial impact of the 1967 riots in Hong Kong

The evolution of the Hong Kong currency board during global exchange rate instability, 1967–1973

'Parasitic invasions' or sources of good governance: Constraining foreign competition in Hong Kong banking, 1965-81

Hong Kong SAR Monetary and Exchange Rate Challenges Historical Perspectives

Malaysia and the End of the Bretton Woods System 1965–72: Disentangling from Sterling

Hong Kong's Economic relations with China 1949-55: Blockade, embargo and financial controls

Crisis and Opportunity: The Policy Environment of International Banking in the City of London, 1958–1980

Self-regulation in an emerging stock market: the case of Hong Kong 1945-80

The new City and the state in the 1960s

Regulatory reform in an emerging stock market: the case of Hong Kong, 1945–86

Finance of industry in Hong Kong 1950-70: A case of market failure?

The empire strikes back: Hong Kong and the decline of sterling in the 1960s

Banking Crises and the Evolution of the Regulatory Framework in Hong Kong 1945-70

Banks and the emergence of Hong Kong as an international financial center

Sterling, International Monetary Reform and Britain's Applications to Join the European Economic Community in the 1960s

Hong Kong as an International Financial Centre Emergence and Development, 1945-1965

Banking Groups in Hong Kong, 1945-65

Another Asian Financial Crisis: monetary links between Hong Kong and China 1945-50

Banking groups in Hong Kong, 1945-65

Passe d'Une Region: les relations monetaire entre Hong Kong et la Chine dans les annees quarante

The Origins of the Eurodollar Market in London: 1955–1963

Commercial Rivalry between Shanghai and Hong Kong during the Collapse of the Nationalist Regime in China, 1945–1949

Monetary institutions in newly independent countries: the experience of Malaya, Ghana and Nigeria in the 1950s

Decolonization and European economic integration: The free trade area negotiations, 1956–58

Exchange controls and multinational enterprise: The sterling-dollar oil controversy in the 1950s

The Hong Kong Gold Market and the Southeast Asian Gold Trade in the 1950s

Britain and the Sterling Area From Devaluation to Convertibility in the 1950s

Closing the Hong Kong Gap: The Hong Kong Free Dollar Market in the 1950s

Closing the Hong Kong Gap: the Hong Kong free dollar market in the 1950s

The origins of a central bank in Malaya and the transition to independence, 1954–59

The sterling area and British policy alternatives in the 1950s

Disentangling from Sterling: Malaysia and the End of the Bretton Woods System 1965-72

Economic and Financial Integration between Hong Kong and Mainland China Before the Open Door Policy 1965-75

Hong Kong as an International Financial Centre

New Zealand's Exchange Rate Regime, the Collapse of Bretton Woods, and the Twilight of the Sterling Area

The Evolution of the Hong Kong Currency Board during Global Exchange Rate Instability: Evidence from the Exchange Fund Advisory Committee 1967-1973

The Global Gold Market and the International Monetary System

The Hong Kong Gold Market during the 1960s

The Operation of the Moratorium on New Bank Licenses on the Hong Kong Banking System 1965-81

The Origins of Anti-Competitive Regulation: Was Hong Kong 'Over-Banked' in the 1960s?