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A Circle in Search of a Centre: The Heidelberg Pre-History of Hartlib’s Network

The Reformation of Common Learning Post-Ramist Method and the Reception of the New Philosophy, 1618 - 1670

Cultures of knowledge in transition: Early Modern Letters Online as an experiment in collaboration, 2009-2018

Reassembling the Republic of Letters in the Digital Age:

Catchment Areas and Killing Fields: Towards an Intellectual Geography of the Thirty Years’ War

Leibniz’s Network

Via lucis in tenebras: Comenius as Prophet of the Age of Light

Outsiders, Dissenters and Competing Visions of Reform

Highways of light to the invisible college: linking data on seventeenth-century intellectual diasporas

Reassembling the Republic of Letters – Rekonstruktion der Gelehrtenrepublik, 1500–1800

Arianism and Millenarianism: The Link between Two Heresies from Servetus to Socinus

Arbor sanguinis, arbor disciplinarum: the Intellectual Genealogy of Johann Heinrich Alsted.

Die Herborner 'Encylopaedia septem tomis distincta' von Johann Heinrich Alsted. Nassauischer Ursprung und internationale Rezeption.

The Ramist Roots of Comenian Pansophia

Paradise Postponed: Johann Heinrich Alsted and the Birth of Calvinist Millenarianism

A “Generall Reformation of Common Learning” and its Reception in the English-Speaking World, 1560-1642

Anti-Semitism, Philo-Semitism, Apocalypticism and Millenarianism in Early Modern Europe: A Case Study and some Methodological Reflections

Central Europe, 1550-1700

Commonplace Learning: Ramism and Its German Ramifications, 1543-1630

The Instauration of the Image of God in Man: Humanist Anthropology, Encyclopaedic Pedagogy, Baconianism, and Universal Reform

Irenicism in the Confessional Age: the Holy Roman Empire, 1563-1648

The Conservative Face of Contractual Theory: The Monarchomach Servants of the Count of Nassau-Dillenburg

Philosophical Pedagogy in Reformed Central Europe between Ramus and Comenius: A Survey of the Continental Background of the Three Foreigners

A Dark Golden Age: the Thirty Years War and the Universities of Northern Europe

Johann Heinrich Alsted 1588-1638: Between Renaissance, Reformation and Universal Reform

Alsted and Leibniz On God, the Magistrate and the Millennium

Johann Heinrich Alsted's Relations with Silesia, Bohemia and Moravia: Patronage, Piety and Pansophia

The Historiographical Origins of Calvinist Millenarianism

Irenicism and Dogmatics in the Confessional Age: Pareus and Comenius in Heidelberg, 1614