For Schools and Teachers

Resources for Schools

During 2017, the Faculty of History is running a trial scheme to provide resources that teachers can use in the classroom. As this is a trial, is it necessarily limited in scope and will only provide Key Stage 4 resources on global history, migration and empire.


If the trial is successful, the scheme will be expanded in future years.

Experience UNIQ History at Oxford!


The Faculty is proud to support two UNIQ History summer courses. The aim of UNIQ is not just to educate, but to give participants a realistic view of Oxford student life.

UNIQ Summer participants live in an Oxford college or annexe and attend lectures and seminars in their chosen area, and workshops about applying to Oxford. UNIQ is open to students studying in their first year of further education and who are based at UK state schools/colleges. As it is an access programme, preference is given to applicants from low socio-economic status backgrounds and/or from areas with low progression to higher education.

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