Professor Wendy Davies

  • The construction of early medieval charters
  • Early medieval rural communities
  • Early medieval Spain and Portugal
  • Early medieval gardens and gardening, especially Iberian

I have always been interested in early medieval charters, in how they came to be constructed and manipulated, in what happened when they were copied and in what they can contribute to our understanding of early medieval local societies. I have therefore spent time analysing charter collections from Wales, Brittany, Spain and Portugal. I am equally interested in the societies that produced them, especially when the texts have their origin in rural communities. Hence past work on the nature and functioning of village communities and on gift and sale and their social impacts. I also have a long-standing interest in the procedures and practices of judicial courts and their impact. My last monograph explored in detail the construction of texts about, and sometimes deriving from, northern Iberian court proceedings and addressed the central questions of ruler input, local participation in judgment, punishment and social control, differential treatment of the guilty and comparisons with practice and values elsewhere in western Europe. I am currently working on gardens and gardening in early medieval Iberia. I am particularly interested in these questions: the incidence and distribution of productive gardens and the range of plants grown; the importance of garden produce as a supplement to food intake; the social context of garden owners; the wider economic significance of increasing monastic interest in gardens from the mid-tenth century; and the spread of ornamental gardens beyond al-Andalus.

I have also always been involved in active collaborations with other scholars, often working across disciplines: I have convened the 'Bucknell' charter group since 1979 and have run interdisciplinary projects which explore the interaction between text and field evidence (hence, with James Graham-Campbell and others, The Inscriptions of Early Medieval Brittany (2000) and a long series of archaeological publications with Grenville Astill). Currently I am a member of an international group with a large archaeological component, organized from CSIC Madrid, working on the relationship between local societies and the wider world in the early middle ages and a member of another, text-centred, international group, based in Vienna, working on local identity and social cohesion in early medieval Europe.

Featured Publication
Windows on Justice in Northern Iberia, 800-1000

Windows on Justice in Northern Iberia, 800-1000, Abingdon: Routledge, 2016

Although it has a rich historiography, and from the late ninth century is rich in textual evidence, northern Iberia has barely featured in the great debates of early medieval European history of recent generations. Lying beyond the Frankish world, in a peninsula more than half controlled by Muslims, Spanish and Portuguese experience has seemed irrelevant to the Carolingian Empire and the political fragmentation (or realignment) that followed it. But Spain and Portugal shared the late Roman heritage which influenced much of western Europe in the early middle ages and by the tenth century records and practice in the Christian north still shared features with parts farther east. What is interesting, in the wider European context, is that some of the so-called characteristics of the Carolingian world – the public court, collective judgment – are as characteristic of the Iberian world. The suggestion that they disappeared in the Frankish world, to be replaced by 'private' mechanisms, has played a major role in debates about the changing nature of power in the central middle ages: what happened in judicial courts has been central to the grand narratives of Duby and successive historians, for they are a powerful lens into the very real issues of politics and power. Looking at the practice of judicial courts in Europe west of Frankia allows us to think again about the nature of the public; identifying all the records of that practice allows us to adjust the balance between monastic and lay activity. What these show is that peasants, like other lay people, used the courts to seek redress and gain advantages. Records were not entirely framed nor practice entirely dominated by ecclesiastical interests.


English Historical Review  133 (2018)

Early Medieval Europe 27:1 (2019)


I would like to hear from potential Masters students regarding Early Medieval Iberia




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