Professor Nicholas Davidson


I would like to hear from potential DPhil or Masters students regarding Italian history; history of Catholicism.

I currently teach:

Prelims: FHS: Masters:
General History III, 1400-1650 (Renaissance, Recovery and Reform)

General History VII, 1409-1525

The Dawn of the Global World, 1450-1800: Ideas, Objects, Connections
OS 10: Conquest and Colonisation: Spain and America in the Sixteenth Century General History VIII, 1500-1618  
Approaches to History: Anthropology and History; and Art and History General History IX, 1600-1715  
Foreign Texts: Machiavelli General History XVIII, Eurasian Empires, 1450-1800  
  SS8: Politics, Art and Culture in the Italian Renaissance, Venice and Florence, c. 1475-1525