Dr Thomas Brodie

  • The History of the Third Reich
  • Modern German History
  • The Histories of War and Religion in the Modern Period
  • German Catholicism at War, 1939-1945

  • Religion and Germany’s Twentieth Century

  • Between ‘National Community’ and ‘Milieu’: German Catholics at War, 1939–1945

  • Book Review: Wehrmacht Priests and the Nazi War of Annihilation . Lauren Faulkner Rossi

  • Zur politischen Rolle von Judenräten: Benjamin Murmelstein in Wien, 1938–1942, by Lisa Hauff

  • The German Catholic Diaspora in the Second World War

  • Zigeunerverfolgung im Rheinland und in Westfalen, 1933-1945: Geschichte, Aufarbeitung und Erinnerung, ed. Karola Fings and Ulrich F. Opfermann

  • More

I would be willing to hear from any potential Masters students looking at Modern German History

I currently teach:



British History VII, 1900-

Disciplines of History

General History IV, 1815-1914

General History XIII, 1914-1945

Optional Subject 1919: Remaking the World

General History XIV, 1941-1973

Historiography: Max Weber

(I am convening the new ‘Europe Divided, 1914-1989’ paper during the coming academic year)


Special Subject: Nazi Germany: A Racial Order, 1933-1945

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