Dr Oliver Cox


I am a historian with particular interest in the social and cultural history of the eighteenth-century British Atlantic World. My research in heritage focusses on the social, cultural and political position of the British country house in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. I am particularly interested in broadening the range of academic disciplines and approaches that use the country house both as a source of archival material and as a site for knowledge exchange and public history.

I received my undergraduate, masters and doctoral degrees from the University of Oxford. My doctoral project explored how, and why King Alfred (848/899) became a national hero in England and America between 1640 and 1800. I continue to be  interested in the ways in which the past was experienced through different types of media, including plays, poetry, art and architecture – in the eighteenth-century British Atlantic World. 

I am co-convenor of the Graduate Seminar in History 1680-1850 and part of the tutorial teaching team for the undergraduate paper 'English Architecture 1660-1720' in the Faculty of History. I supervise relevant undergraduate, masters and doctoral Masters theses in the fields of eighteenth-century cultural history and the British country house.

  • Horse racing and the country house

  • ‘Newmarket, that Infamous Seminary of Iniquity and Ill Manners’: Horses and Courts in the Early Years of George III’s Reign

  • Jewish country houses and country house studies

  • New Fictions: Downton and the Country House

  • Creating a King: The Third Earl of Bute and George III

  • Why Celebrate Capability Brown? Responses and Reactions to Lancelot 'Capability' Brown, 1930-2016

  • The “Downton Boom” Downton Abbey . Written and created by Julian Fellowes ; Executive Producers, Gareth Neame , Rebecca Eaton , and Julian Fellowes ; Historical Advisor, Alastair Bruce . Filmed at Highclere Castle, Ber...

  • The Cult of King Alfred


  • King Alfred’s Castle: Or, How to Memorialise the Yorkshire Petition of 1769

  • More