Dr Maya Corry

  • The function of images in religious devotion, with a focus on interactions between viewers and works of art
  • Relationships between gender, sexuality, medical concepts of the body and the depicted body
  • Early modern masculinity and the importance of age in its construction
  • Leonardo da Vinci and his Lombard pupils, assistants and ‘followers’


Featured Publication
Madonnas and Miracles

Madonnas and Miracles: The Holy Home in Renaissance Italy (Bloomsbury, 2017)

'Madonnas & Miracles' aims to challenge perceptions of Catholicism as a religion dominated by priests and ecclesiastical institutions, instead urging us to consider the agency of lay people in shaping religious life to their needs. This lavishly illustrated publication contextualises, discusses and illustrates a wide variety of devotional objects and images, ranging from the highest-quality artefacts to rough-and-ready household items. By casting new light on a wide range of objects, texts and practices, the book offers a varied and vivid encounter with Renaissance spirituality to a broad readership, exploring works of art at once striking, unfamiliar and replete with intimate meaning.


In the Media

2019 is a busy year as it is the quincentenary of Leonardo’s death. Exhibitions and public events are celebrating this milestone, and I am participating in a number of them: