Dr Ingrid Rembold

  • early medieval governance
  • conversion and Christianization
  • monasticism and monastic reform

My current research seeks to take a new approach to the reform of monasteries in the Carolingian world (700-900). Specifically, I hope to draw attention to the diverse and competing visions of reform which were operative in the Carolingian world, and the ways in which monastic communities drew upon and reshaped their histories in order to justify, even to Carolingian rulers themselves, their continuing, non-normative observances. In so doing, I also seek to reassess local historical writing, and in particular, attitudes towards the Carolingians’ predecessors, the Merovingians.

FORTHCOMING: Conquest and Christianization: Saxony and the Carolingian World, 772-888, Cambridge Studies in Medieval Life and Thought (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press)

FORTHCOMING: ‘The Christian message and the laity: the Heliand in post-conquest Saxony', in N. Edwards, R. Flechner and M. Ni Mhaonaigh (eds.), Converting the Isles II: the Isles and the Wider World, Cultural Encounters in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages (Turnhout: Brepols)

  • Quasi una gens: Saxony and the Frankish world, c. 772-888

  • Rewriting the founder: Werden on the Ruhr and the uses of hagiography

  • The Poeta Saxo at Paderborn: episcopal authority and Carolingian rule in late ninth-century Saxony

  • More

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 British History I, c. 370-1087 British History I, c. 370-1087
General History I, 370-900 General History I, 285-476
Historiography General History III, 700-900
Latin Texts: Einhard and Asser Disciplines of History
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