Dr Hatice Yıldız

  • Comparative and Global History
  • Gender History
  • Social and Economic History

I completed my doctoral thesis, titled ‘A Comparative History of Gender and Factory Labour in Ottoman Bursa and Colonial Bombay’, in 2017. This study explored the ways in which gendered notions of skill, paid work, domesticity and technology shaped labour processes and politics in the silk factories of Bursa and the cotton mills of Bombay between 1850 and 1910. Contrary to a scholarly tradition that placed the late Ottoman and British Indian experiences in distinct categories, my thesis highlighted common mechanisms of adaptation and survival in the age of European industrial hegemony. These involved the development of flexible and low-cost production strategies which confined female workers to crude and subsidiary tasks and associated skill with masculine virtues. During my graduate studies I visited various libraries and archives in Cambridge, London, Istanbul, Bursa, Mumbai, New Delhi and Kolkata. I am currently working on a book project which will extend my original analysis to neighbouring textile-manufacturing towns in Western Anatolia and the Bombay Presidency.

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