Dr Graeme Ward

  • Carolingian intellectual culture
  • early medieval historiography
  • the transmission and reception of the Church Fathers

My current research project investigates the reception of the Carolingian liturgical commentator Amalarius of Metz (c.775-c.850). Amalarius’s commentaries, although condemned as heretical in 838, exerted tremendous influence in the Middle Ages, becoming authoritative guides to the interpretation of Christian worship throughout much of western Europe. By the mid-eleventh century, around two centuries after his death, Amalarius’s reputation appears to have been firmly established; in effect, he was perceived as a Church Father, whose writings were counted amongst those of the Latin patristic canon. Focusing on the period c.850-1050, I shall attempt to uncover some of the processes by which this startling transformation from heretic to authority was achieved.