Dr Graciela Iglesias Rogers


Graciela Iglesias Rogers is involved in the following research initiatives:

Translations in Transnational Contexts

Graciela Iglesias Rogers is researching the historical context and impact of the various translations of 'The Political Constitution of the Spanish Monarchy' (1812), commonly known as the Constitution of Cadiz and once famously described as the 'Liberal Codex' of the nineteenth century. This led her to establish an interdisciplinary network that aims to bring together scholars interested in the challenges, opportunities and outcomes resulting from the act of translating from one language and/or culture to others. 

From Sail to Steam: Health, Medicine and the Victorian Navy

Graciela Iglesias Rogers is assisting Prof. Laurence Brockliss in the research of the trade and use of quinine, particularly in the Hispanic world. 

Chile in the 1820s

Graciela Iglesias Rogers is part of a team of researchers from the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (Chile), the University of Bristol (UK), the Universidad Externado de Colombia and the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne who are reassessing the period that immediately followed the independence of Chile from a transnational perspective.

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