Dr Clive Holmes

  • British Civil Wars
  • Witchcraft in Britain and colonial America
  • Legal and administrative history

All my work has been concerned with the relationships, often mediated through disparate cultural assumptions, particularly divergent readings of law, between groups of people in dialogue. So I have done much work on relations between the centre (Westminster; Whitehall) and the localities, examining how central directives were interpreted, employed, appropriated, or avoided by local power brokers, ostensibly acting as the agents of the central government – so my work on JPs in early modern England and on the Civil War county committees. I have also studies the interactions between different social groups, particularly in my works on the drainage disputes in the Fenland. My interest in witchcraft involves both these two themes, but also entails the study of a third fascinating dialogue: between men and women.

  • The Trial and Execution of Charles I

  • Charles I: A case of Mistaken Identity

  • Centre and Locality in Civil War England

  • Witchcraft and Possession at the Accession of James I

  • The Case of Joan Peterson

  • More

I currently teach:


Witchcraft History of the American colonies and the Revolution