The Oxford Historian: Michaelmas Term 2016

Welcome to the first electronic issue of The Oxford Historian.

One of the real advantages of this online edition is that we can respond to anniversaries and publications. So, in this issue you will find articles about the event held in Oxford recently to commemorate the New Zealand soldiers who served in the First World War, as well as about a series of books published recently by Faculty members Christina de Bellaigue, Lyndal Roper and Bryan Ward-Perkins, on topics as diverse as Victorian home education, Martin Luther and the Last Statues of Antiquity. That diversity matters, because it demonstrates that one of the great strengths of Oxford History remains the way in which it ranges broadly across the historical world – in terms of places and time of course, but also in terms of historical approach. The past does not stand still. It gets broader and longer – as the current changes to the undergraduate curriculum demonstrates – but it also demands new approaches to the familiar. 

- Martin Conway

Chair of the History Faculty Board
Balliol College