Alumni Relations, Development and Communications

Communications and Development Officer - Laura Spence

Laura Spence, Alumni and Communications Officer

01865 (6)15024  

Laura has been concentrating on the completetion of two Faculty projects: the construction and implementation of a new communications strategy and an overhaul of the alumni relations and development strategy.

In regards to communications, she has been working closely with the Deputy Head of Administration. Throughout the last year, she has designed and created the Faculty WebLearn site as well as playing a key role in the consultation, design, structure and creation of the Faculty website. She also closely assisted with the development of a Faculty SharePoint site. Together, these platforms have modernised and streamlined Faculty communications. In the coming year, Laura will be looking at further ways improve communications from the Faculty, particularly through an increase in Social Media usage.

The alumni relations and development strategy has been devised in close collaboration with the Chair of the Faculty Board and the Humanities Division Development Team. The Faculty is looking to foster a closer relationship with their alumni by hosting more events throughout the year, increasing our overall contact via email and post, and offering opportunities to asssit the Faculty. This aspect of the role is set to increase in the coming year, as the strategic plans come to fruition.

If you would like to contact Laura regarding a communications issue (be it on WebLearn, SharePoint, the website or through any other medium) please email  

For alumni or development information, you can either email the above address of contact her personally on


I also work in the Humanities Division as their Communications Officer.

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