Dr Jessica Berenbeim

​Research interests:

My research concerns medieval and early modern art and administrative history. Its central theme is the role of visual culture in the operation of power and in historical consciousness. I have particular interests in the histories of documentation and literacy, classical reception studies, legal history, monasticism, and theories of performance and representation. My first book, Art of Documentation: Documents and Visual Culture in Medieval England, explored the relationships between art and documents through discussions of charters, seals, and archival manuscripts, as well as illuminated liturgical manuscripts, architecture, and sculpture, allowing art history and diplomatics to illuminate one another's traditional sources.

I'm currently writing a second book and an article. An Art History of the Charter, c.1050–c.1550 concentrates systematically on the material culture of charters in Europe and the British Isles, combining the studies of aesthetics and bureaucracy. 'Historical Distance and Livy's Artistic Afterlife' looks at the visual reception of Livy's Ab urbe condita, and its implications for problems of historical distance in both medieval and modern intellectual history.


  • Personal and institutional patronage in the Sherborne Missal

  • Script after print: Juan de Yciar and the art of writing

  • More
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