Dr Matthew Walker

My research centres on architecture and intellectual culture in late seventeenth and early eighteenth-century Britain. My doctoral thesis and recent publications concerned the role of architecture in the early Royal Society with a particular focus on the architecture of Robert Hooke and Christopher Wren and the architectural writings of John Evelyn. I have also published on the relationship between architecture and natural philosophy in late seventeenth-century Scotland, on the architectural writings of English visitors to Greece and the Eastern Mediterranean in the period, and on the architecture of London anatomy theatres.


Whilst at Oxford, my research will be predominantly based in the Ashmolean, where where I will be conducting a project using the Gibbs and Talman drawings collections. This will explore how architectural education worked in the late seventeenth century: how architectural knowledge was produced, collected and disseminated in intellectual circles at the time. It will result in a monograph entitled Architecture and Knowledge in Early Modern England.

  • Francis Vernon, the Early Royal Society and the First English Encounter with Ancient Greek Architecture

  • Science and Architecure in the Age of Enlightenment

  • Review: Anthony Gerbino, 'Francois Blondel, Architecture, Erudition and the Scienctific Revolution

  • A Note on the Portraits of Sir William Bruce

  • Architecture, Improvement and the Aborted Scottish Royal Society Projects

  • Sir William Bruce and Architecture in Early Modern Scotland

  • The Limits of Collaboration: Robert Hooke, Christoper Wren and the Designing of the Monuments to the Great Fire of London

  • More
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