Dr Valentina Caldari

FORTHCOMING: Valentina Caldari and Sara Wolfson (eds.), Diplomacy and Marriage: Early Stuart Dynastic Politics in their European Context, 1604-1630 (Boydell and Brewer, forthcoming 2016/2017).

My broad research interests are in European political and diplomatic history, and in the global connectedness of the early modern world.

For my doctorate, I addressed the end of the Anglo-Spanish Match negotiations for a union between Prince Charles and the Spanish Infanta María in the period 1617-1624, by placing reasons for its failure in the global context within which European diplomacy and dynastic politics were played out in the early seventeenth century. My research depicted a more composite picture of Anglo-Iberian relations not only by expanding the geographical boundaries of the investigation but also by demonstrating the extent to which reason of state, entangled with new imperial rivalries, played a much greater role in the marriage diplomacy than has previously been recognised.

I am currently writing on the way that Spain portrayed quintessentially English events - such as the Parliament of 1621 - in its own political discourse, on Portugal as a global empire, and on trade and piracy.

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  • 'There is no Frendship among princes but for their owne interests’. The Spanish Faction at James I’s court, 1603-1625

  • Stuart Marriage Diplomacy

  • The Dissolution of the 1621 Parliament through Spanish Eyes

  • Trade and Piracy: The Role of a Potential Queen Consort in the 1620s

  • More

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General History III General History XVIII: Eurasian Empires
Conquest & Colonization: Spain and America in the 16th century

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