Michael Featherstone

  • Sakraler Raum und Prozessionen im Großen Palast von Konstantinopel im 10. Jahrhundert

  • Chronographiae quae Theophanis Continuati nomine fertur Libri I-IV Recensuerunt anglice verterunt indicibus instruxerunt Michael Featherstone et Juan Signes-Codoñer, nuper repertis schedis Caroli de Boor adiuvantibus

  • The Emperor's House Palaces from Augustus to the Age of Absolutism

  • The Everyday Palace in the Tenth Century

  • Icons and cultural identity

  • Space and Ceremony in the Great Palace of Constantinople under the Macedonian Dynasty

  • Basil the Nothos as Compiler: the De Cerimoniis and Theophanes Continuatus

  • Византийские иконы как маркеры культуры

  • De Cerimoniis : The Revival of Antiquity in the Great Palace and the Macedonian Rennaissance

  • Der Große Palast von Konstantinopel: Tradition oder Erfindung?

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