Dr Sophie Nicholls

  • French Catholic League/Wars of Religion
  • Post-Tridentine Catholicism
  • Early Modern Political Thought/History of Ideas

I specialise in the intellectual history of Early Modern France, and am currently writing a monograph entitled ‘Troubled Kingdom. France and the Catholic League, 1576-1610’. I am particularly interested in the intersection between religious and political ideas in the context of the Wars of Religion, and the way in which scholars were re-thinking and re-evaluating the shape and purpose of the political community in Counter-Reformation France. I argue that the relationship between two communities, the national (French), and the supra-national (Catholic) was at stake rather than the construction of an abstract conception of ‘the state.’

More broadly, my research interests encompass the intellectual history of Early Modern Britain and Europe, with a particular emphasis on Dominican, Franciscan and Jesuit political thought.

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