Dr Tian S. Liang

  • History of Art and Visual Culture
  • History of Anatomy
  • Medical Humanities

As a Leverhulme Fellow, I am pursuing a research project entitled “Anatomising the Body: Art, Science and the Humanities in Modern China”, which explores understandings of human anatomy and its relations to artistic representations of the human body in China between 1851 and 1949. By placing the knowledge of human anatomy at the centre of a broader nexus of artistic, medical, educational, publishing and humanitarian contexts, this project will provide the first history of the ways in which the ‘body’ was scientifically assessed and artistically represented across different visual media—painting, sculpture, print, woodcut, and photography.

My research interests include the representation of skin, the history of life drawing, history of anatomy, medical humanities, animal studies, and interdisciplinary approaches to art history informed by history of science and medicine, anthropology, and material culture studies.

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