Dr Mikolaj Kunicki

  • ‘Optimism against all odds’: Polish National Identity in War Films of Jerzy Passendorfer

  • A Church-State conflict: Jerzy Kawalerowicz’s mother joan of the angels and cinematic projections of catholicism in Władysław Gomułka’s poland

  • Between the brown and the red: Nationalism, catholicism, and communism in twentieth-century poland-the politics of Bolesław Piasecki

  • Heroism, Raison d'éat, and National Communism: Red nationalism in the cinema of people's Poland

  • The red and the brown: Boleslaw Piasecki, the Polish Communists, and the anti-zionist campaign in Poland, 1967-68

  • Unwanted Collaborators: Leon Koz ^ owski, W ^ adys ^ aw Studnicki, and the Problem of Collaboration among Polish Conservative Politicians in World War II

  • More
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